Can I Rent a Roller for Asphalt? (Models and Rental Costs)

Compaction equipment like rollers can really help get a job done more quickly and more professionally. Eagle Power & Equipment carries a complete line of Case compaction equipment ideal for working with asphalt or soil.  For those not able to purchase an asphalt roller, we can work out a power equipment rental agreement. Read on to learn what models of asphalt rollers are available and how much it costs to rent one.

What Rollers are Best for Working with Asphalt?

If you’re working with asphalt and need to rent a small compaction roller, the Case DV26 asphalt roller is a great choice. It features great sightlines so you can see where the drum is while you maneuver the roller. This model enables the drum to get really close to site edges without the machine hitting anything. The operator lever is electronically controlled so you can stop and start it smoothly. The vibration and sprinkle controls are also right at your fingertips.

The DV26 also has a pressurized water system to keep the water flow consistent regardless of weather conditions or terrain changes. When the machine is in neutral, the vibrations will stop automatically, helping to prevent any divots in warm asphalt.  You can over-rolling and get a really nice, uniform pavement using this small asphalt roller.

For larger projects, like parking lots or working on small roads, consider renting the DV210. This is another great roller for visibility and the seat swivels, so the operator gets a great view of the right and left sides of the machine. Two independent drive motors for the front and rear drums, with no need to go through a flow divider. This allows for more power and more compaction to the asphalt with less risk of a tear from slippage on the asphalt mat.

Where to Rent Compaction Equipment?

From sheepsfoot rollers to vibratory rollers, Eagle Power & Equipment can help you find the compaction equipment you need. In fact, we provide heavy equipment rentals and industrial equipment rentals covering just about anything!

Following is a summary of the asphalt roller rental opportunities for contractors in or near Montgomeryville, PA; West Chester, PA; and New Castle, Delaware:


ModelDrum WidthOperating WeightDayWeekMonth
DV2339.4 “4,920 lbs$284$877$2,399
DV2647.2″5,440 lbs$315$945$2,783
DV4554.3″10,340 lbs$368$1,103$3,271
DV20966″21,080 lbs$425$1,145$3,434
DV21066″22,930 lbs$473$1,313$4,163


If you’re uncertain which kind of roller is best for your job site, this article, “Types of Rollers Used in Compaction Work,” provides some insight.

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