Types of Rollers Used in Compaction Work

Construction season is beginning, and the beginning of most construction jobs is compaction. Creating a strong, sturdy base is crucial for a successful construction project, and the best tool for the job is a roller. The question becomes, which roller is right for your project?

There are several different styles of rollers that work best for different types of compaction. Today, we’re going to dive into four of those types and list the projects best suited to each type.

Sheepsfoot RollerCASE SV212D

These rollers are unique due to the round or rectangular protrusions all over the roller – these are also often called “tamping rollers”. Sheepsfoot rollers are used primarily for compaction of cohesive, dense soils such as heavy or silty clays. They are not effective on loose or sandy soils due to the protrusions simply tilling the soil rather than compacting it.

Smooth-Wheeled Roller

Smooth-wheel rollers, as the name implies, use one large, smooth steel drum in the front and either one or two wheels on the rear end for compaction. These are either tandem (two-wheel) or three-wheel rollers. Smooth wheel rollers are ideal for gravel, sand, ballast, and surface dressings. They are not effective in compacting embankments and softer turf, but they are the most effective in compacting silty or sandy soils with the fewest passes.

Grid Rollers

Grid rollers have a cylindrical heavy steel roller consisting of a network of steel bars coming together to form a grid-like pattern. The grid may also be ballasted with concrete blocks for additional contact pressure. These rollers are ideal for compacting most coarse-grained soils, since they provide little kneading action with high contact pressure.

Vibratory RollersCASE DV26CC

Vibratory rollers are equipped with one or two smooth-surfaced steel wheels that send vibrations through the roller. The vibrations are generated by an eccentric shaft rotating inside the wheel, making it an ideal roller for compacting granular base courses that would otherwise be difficult to compact. CASE’s brand-new line of vibratory rollers is completely customizable with different drum sizes and an adjustable work station for the best vantage point.

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