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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Backhoe (Chart Available)

Contractors rely on loader backhoes to tackle all sorts of landscape challenges and to make excavation work go more quickly.

The cost to rent a backhoe will depend on the size, horsepower, and amount of time you need to complete your project. On average, rentals will cost between $300-$500 per day. At Eagle Power & Equipment, daily backhoe rentals range from $273 for a Kubota B26 with 26HP to $415 per day to rent a Case 590SN with 110HP.

We help contractors and homeowners in Montgomeryville, PA, West Chester, PA, and New Castle, Delaware save money with convenient power equipment rentals.

As an attachment, a backhoe can turn a skid steer or track loader into an agile excavator, and you don’t need to add a separate power machine to your fleet. For DIY-ers, renting a backhoe can make home improvement feasible.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent A Backhoe Per Hour?

Typically, a backhoe rental will cost $30-$50, without an operator/driver. You’ll be charged considerably more if you wish to hire a professional operator to run the equipment.  We only rent our backhoes to customers who furnish a qualified operator.

This chart displays backhoe rental costs at Eagle Power & Equipment. Daily Maximum: 8 Hours; Weekly Maximum: 40 Hours; Monthly Maximum: 176 Hours. Hours of use more than the maximum allowed will be charged in proportion to the rate contracted.

Kubota B2626HP$273$824$2,468
Kubota L4747HP$336$1,013$2,903
Kubota M6263HP$357$1,040$3,020
Case 580SN97HP$368$1,087$3,050
Case 590SN110HP$415$1,239$3,712


Get full details, including information on backhoe attachment rentals here.

Backhoe Loader Rentals for Small Project

Backhoe rentals are great for when you need a small, agile tractor to get landscaping tasks done quickly. For instance, you can move stumps and dirt easily, or quickly prepare a digging hole the perfect depth for tree planting.

The backhoe has been called the Swiss army knife of the job site because of its versatility.

A small tractor with a backhoe makes it possible to do excavation necessary for digging a foundation or basement. Keep in mind, you’ll have to provide proof of a qualified operator of the equipment, and you’ll be responsible for providing property and liability insurance coverage as part of your rental agreement.

Backhoe Rentals and the ROI: Is it Worth Renting a Backhoe?

Is it worth it to rent a backhoe? While some areas of the construction industry are starting to show an improved economic outlook, there are companies that will take a more conservative approach to invest in the growth of their fleet, at least until projects start to outweigh productivity. Backhoe loaders are a single machine that can do a lot of tasks, so they’re typically a must-have in the construction industry. Yet for smaller companies, and those just “starting out,” renting a backhoe might be the better ROI until new projects start to support the cost of fully purchasing one.

Of course, when you are ready to purchase power equipment to add to your fleet, we hope you keep Eagle Power & Equipment front of mind! We feature new construction equipment and attachments from top brands, like Kubota, Case, Toro Dingo, Avant, and more.

Backhoe Rental Use

We offer our customers the best new, used, and rental equipment. We have factory-trained technicians on staff that keep our equipment in excellent operational shape. Our rental policies ensure that the equipment retains its operational status.

While the backhoe is in your use, you will need to ensure normal daily maintenance. This includes checking grease, proper oil levels, tire pressure, etc. You’ll need to return the backhoe with a full tank of fuel (or pay for the fuel you used). An Eagle Power & Equipment associate will fully explain your responsibilities when renting a backhoe. You can also contact us with any questions you might have.

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