Want to Start Your Own Excavation Company? Tips for Contractors

Are you a contractor who dreams of launching your own excavation company? Nearly every construction project needs excavation services yet not all of them have the equipment nor expertise among their crew to facilitate excavation in-house. Small landscaping companies may also need extraneous excavation services. That’s where your skills come into play.

Keep in mind, however, being skillful and knowledgeable about excavation doesn’t guarantee your success as an entrepreneur. You’ll need the right excavation equipment, business prowess, positive personality, networking abilities, and financial support to become an independent businessman.

Following is a compilation of tips to help you better prepare for such a venture, assuming you have the capital to start your next steps.

The Formalities – Register Your New Business

Each state has its own laws regarding permits, licenses, and business registration (even beyond the traditional business license).

We suggest you check with your local building contractor association to learn which licenses and permits are required.

You also may need to obtain surety services and general liability coverage.

The Contractor Talk Forum is a great source for conversations and advice regarding contractor licensing and tips for success.

Get the Proper Excavation Equipment excavator equipment

As part of your business plan, examine the costs of purchasing heavy equipment. Determine which machines should be new and which can be used. Eagle Power & Equipment has more than 25 years of experience in both heavy equipment sales and construction equipment sales.

We help guide contractors in Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery and Philadelphia PA, New Castle County in Delaware, and Cecil County, Md., in making the best equipment choices for their business and budget.

Suggested equipment to start your excavation services:

  • Pickup truck (3-quarter ton)
  • Skid steer
  • Backhoe loader
  • Vibratory and tamping equipment
  • Heavy-duty shovels
  • Chainsaw, landscape rake, erosion control/sediment supplies,

Can’t afford to outright purchase new power equipment? Eagle Power & Equipment rents the best used equipment needed to help you launch your own excavation company. Rent when possible, in order to save money while you grow your business.

A Personality for Starting an Excavation Business

Starting a business, in any industry, is not for the fainthearted.

Are you comfortable selling you skills? You will need the confidence and ability to “hustle.” When first starting out, unless you have the capital to fund a sales professional or marketing staff, you will be the one selling your services and trying to find clients for your excavation services.

You will also need to find reliable distributors for needed supplies (vendors who will supply you with parts and supplies you need). Try to find those who include delivery to the site in the price of their materials. Efficiency means money, so don’t negate the value of their delivery service.

This helpful video provides encouragement, along with similar tips for anyone hoping to start their own excavating service company.

Maintain Your Fleet

Place your heavy equipment on a routine maintenance plan to avoid excessive downtime and mitigate the risk of expensive repairs.

Eagle Power & Equipment service technicians are trained to get broken equipment back up and running. Our direct service area includes Montgomery, Bucks, Chester, Delaware counties, Philadelphia Pa, New Castle, DE, and Cecil, MD, and surrounding areas. We can service almost any type of heavy equipment, including excavators and backhoes.

Find useful service tips here and stop in at any of our 3 Eagle Power & Equipment store locations for more information about heavy-duty excavation equipment.