telematics in CASE

Telematics Fleet Management: Improve Your Operations

Telematics fleet management can improve your operations and it’s predicted that telematics will be fully integrated into vehicles and machines by 2025. Technology is changing the landscape of fleet management, helping businesses monitor their vehicles and equipment for efficiency and to increase productivity and customer service.

CASE SiteWatch comes standard for three years on all CASE heavy equipment with ProCare, standard on all CASE backhoes, and is available as an option throughout the entire CASE equipment line. As a leading CASE dealer in Philadelphia County and the surrounding tri-state area, Eagle Power & Equipment is proud to supply our customers seeking new CASE heavy equipment.

Kubota offers similar telematics capabilities through KubotaNOW Telematics and myKubota. Read further to learn more about telematics for construction fleet management.

What Is Equipment Telematics?

Equipment telematics uses GPS, sensors, dashboard cameras, and comprehensive software programs to keep track of power machines. They give fleet managers and equipment owners the ability to monitor key metrics that can result in better fleet maintenance, safety, fuel efficiency, and project management.

Construction Fleet Management Using Telematics

Telematics enables power equipment managers to monitor fuel consumption and the frequency of vehicles idling. This can help save fuel costs and may even help companies implement more environmentally friendly practices.

Through telematics, you can monitor power equipment maintenance in real-time with the ability to send yourself alarms regarding battery voltage, air filter status, DEF pressure, etc.

Telematics, through geofencing, helps fleet and project managers know where each machine is at all times. This not only greatly decreases the chance of theft of power equipment but decreases the chance of your expensive equipment being used in unauthorized ways, off-site.

You also can run reports, lassoing historical data on how often a piece of power equipment was used and for how long. This data can be used to facilitate more accurate bidding for future construction projects and job estimates.

CASE Sitewatch Telematics Platform and Others

What if you could show up at your site and know for certain your equipment is going to work? And if there is a problem with a piece of power equipment, CASE support is already aware of it and ready to help? That’s the benefit of the CASE Sitewatch Telematics Platform and KubotaNOW Telematics.

You don’t waste time trying to diagnose your equipment line, including rollers and wheel loaders. You can access equipment diagnoses remotely and get real-time alerts of machine conditions that might threaten productivity.

CASE Sitewatch Telematics Platform and KubotaNOW Telematics enable fleet managers to easily maintain service schedules because they can receive service interval reminders through their CASE dealer for when heavy equipment is due for maintenance. You can also vie fuel consumption reports,

Overall, equipment telematics provides you awareness and gives you the upper hand to make sure up-time is high day in, day out.

Eagle Power & Equipment is a regular recipient of the CASE Gold Dealer designation and is proud to offer new CASE equipment to construction companies and contractors in Philadelphia County and beyond. With locations in Montgomeryville, PA; West Chester, PA; and New Castle, DE, we’re well-positioned to help you find the power equipment you need for your fleet.

Telematics can play a crucial role in increasing the reliability of your power equipment and could extend its lifespan as part of your effective preventative maintenance strategy. It really touches upon every aspect of fleet management. Want to learn more about the telematics features in any of our inventory? Our sales team is ready to help!