On Site: CASE 621F Wheel Loader Handles Large Scale Composting With Brown Bear Attachment

The key to any aerobic composting operation is how efficiently can you turn your tonnage of material into usable product. It comes down to how much usable soil you can bring to market or use in your operation at the right production cost. As you look to enter or expand your operation’s use of aerobic composting its best to look for ways to augment your existing equipment.

Eagle Power & Equipment has recently helped CASE Wheel Loader customers get the most out of their composting acreage using self-contained composting aerators from Brown Bear.

Our featured video shows how CASE 621F Wheel Loader running a Brown Bear aerator turns over acres of collected leaves to create rich compost. When you run the numbers, you can see how this attachment delivers serious production capability to your operation!

Contact Eagle Power & Equipment for more information on this attachment or CASE Construction Equipment.

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Customer Profile: Franconia Township, PA

Reflecting on a Legacy

We spend some time with retiring Superintendent of Highways Paul Nice. A hometown kid who dedicated his 56 year career to serve his community in Franconia Township’s Public Works Department.

The township has been utilizing a CASE 621B Wheel Loader to handle snow removal, road maintenance and other development projects across the community for over a quarter century. This day saw a changing of the guard as the team said goodbye to their trusted 621B and took delivery of a their new CASE 621G Wheel Loader.

Eagle Power & Equipment is proud to provide this dedicated team the tools they need to serve their community for years to come!

About The CASE 621G

The  CASE 621G combines powerful breakout forces, fast cycle times and extreme operator comfort and control to deliver all-around performance — whether as a primary mover or as a support loader in larger operations. And now, with new adjustable electro-hydraulic controls, an all-new touchscreen display and all-new collaborative fleet management technologies, the 621G delivers a powerful combination of productivity, efficiency and uptime.

How To Get Snow Removal Contracts

Professional landscapers often expand their business offerings to include commercial property maintenance, providing snow and ice removal through the winter months. Although winter seems evasive lately, you know it’s eventually going to snow this year.

Before you invest time and materials into adding snow removal services to your business model, though, make sure you’re strategic in gaining contracts that help cover the costs of any snow removal equipment you invest in, as well as its maintenance.

You’ll want to get annual contracts, preferably with commercial properties where your margins are going to be higher than those from residential. Read further for tips on how to get snow removal contracts. Continue reading

telematics in CASE

Telematics Fleet Management: Improve Your Operations

Telematics fleet management can improve your operations and it’s predicted that telematics will be fully integrated into vehicles and machines by 2025. Technology is changing the landscape of fleet management, helping businesses monitor their vehicles and equipment for efficiency and to increase productivity and customer service.

CASE SiteWatch comes standard for three years on all CASE heavy equipment with ProCare, standard on all CASE backhoes, and is available as an option throughout the entire CASE equipment line. As a leading CASE dealer in Philadelphia County and the surrounding tri-state area, Eagle Power & Equipment is proud to supply our customers seeking new CASE heavy equipment.

Kubota offers similar telematics capabilities through KubotaNOW Telematics and myKubota. Read further to learn more about telematics for construction fleet management. Continue reading

various case tractors working a dirt field

Remanufactured Heavy Equipment Parts: Benefits of Aftermarket

Now more than ever, owners of Kubota, Case, and other heavy equipment should consider remanufactured parts to keep your heavy equipment running. Why choose remanufactured parts? Because they can cost up to 50% less than new components. Moreover, choosing remanufactured parts eliminates supply chain headaches that may come with new construction equipment parts.

Eagle Power & Equipment carries remanufactured components with original specifications that are warrantied for at least one year. Engines carry a two-year warranty.

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man changing the air filter in a backhoe

Outdoor Power Equipment Maintenance and Repair Checklist

Outdoor power equipment is a huge investment. Routine maintenance can extend the life of your heavy equipment and help avoid costly downtime. For the unfortunate times you do need repairs, you want an outdoor equipment repair shop you can count on. Yet the demand for skilled mechanics in many areas far outweighs the supply.

The automatic and remote-control systems used on heavy equipment and the expanded use of electricity, air, and hydraulics for those automatic controls and drives require ongoing training. Your service technician should have knowledge of complex systems used in modern construction equipment.

Eagle Power and Equipment service technicians are thoroughly trained to get broken heavy equipment back up and running in record time. Moreover, they can provide customized maintenance inspection plans for affordable, reliable upkeep.

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construction site

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Exposure on the Construction Site

Carbon monoxide is a constant threat on construction sites and hundreds of workers across the nation are unintentionally exposed to dangerous CO levels annually. In colder months, the threat of CO exposure increases.

How can you prevent carbon monoxide exposure on your construction site? Awareness, proper gear, ventilation, ongoing safety inspections, and routine equipment maintenance are the best arsenal to mitigate CO exposure at construction sites.

At Eagle Power & Equipment, we come to work every day with the mission to serve every customer with care. We’re a full-service dealership of heavy machinery for excavating contractors, pipeline contractors, homebuilders, highway contractors, general contractors, landscapers, governmental, industrial, quarrying, and many other industries. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer and awareness is the first step toward safety. Read on to learn the most common sources of carbon monoxide and the symptoms you need to watch for to keep your crew safe. Continue reading

Want to Start Your Own Excavation Company? Tips for Contractors

Are you a contractor who dreams of launching your own excavation company? Nearly every construction project needs excavation services yet not all of them have the equipment nor expertise among their crew to facilitate excavation in-house. Small landscaping companies may also need extraneous excavation services. That’s where your skills come into play.

Keep in mind, however, being skillful and knowledgeable about excavation doesn’t guarantee your success as an entrepreneur. You’ll need the right excavation equipment, business prowess, positive personality, networking abilities, and financial support to become an independent businessman.

Following is a compilation of tips to help you better prepare for such a venture, assuming you have the capital to start your next steps. Continue reading

Can I Rent a Roller for Asphalt? (Models and Rental Costs)

Compaction equipment like rollers can really help get a job done more quickly and more professionally. Eagle Power & Equipment carries a complete line of Case compaction equipment ideal for working with asphalt or soil.  For those not able to purchase an asphalt roller, we can work out a power equipment rental agreement. Read on to learn what models of asphalt rollers are available and how much it costs to rent one. Continue reading

compact track loader

Tips on Buying a Skid Steer / Compact Track Loader

The versatility of skid steer and compact track loaders makes them ideal for commercial and residential use. They can be used for a multitude of landscape applications and excavation projects ranging from small to quite extensive.

Check out these tips before you invest in a machine so that you’re sure to find the skid steer that meets your needs and expectations. Continue reading