Hammer Recovered Thanks To Telematics

One of our customers recently had a Rammer BR355 stolen from their jobsite. Fortunately, this breaker was equipped with integrated Rammer telematics. In short order we were able to pinpoint its location and alert law enforcement to facilitate its recovery late last week.

Remember when our sales team talk up telematics it isn’t just about giving you another spreadsheet to look at (as useful as those can be), it is about giving your business an added level of protection against the unforeseen happening to your machine!

Rammer’s premium line of hydraulic hammers—the Excellence Line—includes the Rammer RD3 remote monitoring device, which, when coupled with MyFleet, is the world’s first cloud-based telematics monitoring system for hydraulic hammers, arriving on the market just in time to usher in the IoT era. As an added bonus, the RD3 can also be retrofit on any Rammer hammer built after 2009 (more on that later). Many operators won’t have to upgrade their toolbelt to take advantage of the cutting-edge technology.Learn More